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Guess what?

You can find high skilled employees for an average salary of $9000 USD in the Philippines. Save up to 80% compared to US employees. A very cost-effective solution.

Culture fit!

Filipinos speak excellent English and they're experienced with working remotely and with different time zones. Western culture is also a big influence, so teamwork is very easy.

Scale faster $

To scale faster, you need to leverage your employees. Spend your time on tasks only you can do, and delegate the rest. Build a team so that you can wake up with things already done.

No headaches :)

It's tough to find good employees. The process is time-consuming and full of headaches. Our headhunters know how to find motivated workers who can meet your needs with a positive attitude.


Why DreamHire?

Experienced local headhunters. Comprehensive interviews & tests. Reference checks. 6 month guarantee.

We're a headhunter agency that provides full-service recruitment for overseas employees. Our experienced headhunter team is based in the Philippines and provides a streamlined hiring process to find top talent.

We match you with the best candidates that align with your requirements. Tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest. We will vet candidates, conduct English assessments, personality tests, organize interviews and present ideal candidates for you to choose from.

Our peace of mind recruitment process frees up your time to focus on more important tasks.

What happens when you hire us

Provide us a job description and your expectations for the role. We will build a detailed job profile and research the ideal personality traits and skills.

We immediately start looking for the best person for your remote job. We'll interview candidates and vet them until we find 3 who are an excellent match for you.

After we have identified 3 great candidates, we will introduce them to you. Next, we'll assist you in setting up meetings to interview these candidates so you can pick the one you like best.

Once you hire an awesome new employee from us, you'll pay a one-time fee that is 25% of their first year's salary. This also includes a 6 month guarantee (we will do another round of headhunting for the same role for free).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire in the Philippines?

We have 10+ years of hiring in the Philippines for our own businesses. Through this experience we have learned how to find the best employees for various job roles. The Philippines has proven to be a good source of hard working people with excellent English, integrity and amazing talent at significant savings compared to US employees.

What roles can I hire for?

Any role that can be done remotely, we can hire for.

How much does this cost?

We charge a one-time 25% headhunter fee based on the first year’s full-time salary. For example, if you hire someone for $800 USD per month, their salary is $9,600 USD. Our fee is 25%, so $2,400. This is a one-time headhunter fee and you will never pay us again for this hire.

Do you offer a guarantee?

DreamHire™ offers a 6 month guarantee. If your new hire isn’t a good fit within the first 90 days, we will do another round of headhunting for the same role for free. We will do our best to find a candidate that matches your requirements and can stay with you for the long term.

How do I pay overseas employees?

There are a few trusted websites that allow you to pay your employees at excellent rates. We will help connect you and get setup.

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