• Microphones for recording, live use and props
  • Keyboard rentals
  • Digital recording equipment, including Avid Pro Tools Systems
  • Sound reinforcement systems

Dreamhire is, or WAS, the East Coast's & New York City's premier audio equipment rental company

Unfortunately for the recording community Chris Dunn decided to move on to other things such as living a life for a change and made the decision to close down Dreamhire effective July 1st 2017.

Most of the items that are still listed on the rental pages on the website are now available from other vendors, contact info for whom is available in the first entry of the news section to the right of this page.

Chris is continuing to sell off the remaining equipment and will have a few items available for rent until they are sold, particularly the microphones that are still listed on the website. Call Chris on his cell: 917-754-3565 or send an e-mail to info@dreamhire.com.

Our former transfer engineer, Mark Berger is now handling transfers at other locations and can still be contacted at mark@dreamhire.com.

This is the link to the Dreamhire ebay page: Click here

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