Audio transfer services

Digitize your analog recordings

Dreamhire’s audio transfer service can digitize your analog recordings from a wide variety of formats, including those recorded with noise reduction. Get in touch with us about anything from your band's earliest studio recordings to those treasured old family tapes you found in your parents' attic.

Move digital recordings to more user friendly formats

Audio transfer services NYCWe can transfer your existing digital material from many source formats including:

  • Two track and multitrack DASH and ProDigi
  • DTRS (Tascam DA-88 and the like)
  • ADAT
  • DAT
  • Sony PCM-9000

Digital to analog transfers and tape restoration

Digital material can also be transferred to analog formats when the occasion arises. If your tapes need baking, we can take care of that for you in our laboratory grade convection oven.

Specialist knowledge and experience

Mark Berger oversees our audio transfer operation and has been active on the New York recording scene for over 35 years. Mark was instrumental in the inception of the original Right Track Recording and served there as their first recording engineer. He has specialized in audio transfers since 1999 when he took over the operation of the TransferMAT at The Toy Specialists and has been with us at Dreamhire since 2004. He has done transfer work for such artists as Steely Dan, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi, and R.E.M., to name a few. In light of Dreamhire’s large inventory of recording equipment and Mark’s thirteen years of audio transfer experience, we are extremely confident in our capabilities to successfully process your valuable recordings.

If you would like to discuss a transfer project with Mark please email him at