Company profile - Dreamhire audio equipment rental

Chris Dunn, CEO of Dreamhire audio equipment rental, knows about audio equipment.

From his early days as bass player for Birmingham, UK band City Boy, which recorded five albums with producer Mutt Lange, Chris went on to manage Battery Studios in London for Zomba where Mutt demanded cutting edge technology to continue churning out the hits. Whilst at Battery, Chris hatched Dreamhire in 1984 and oversaw its rapid rise, becoming one of the top three rental outfits in the UK. In 1988 Chris was offered the opportunity to open and manage Dreamhire locations in New York and Nashville. After the sale of Zomba to BMG in 2001, Chris jumped at the chance to take over Dreamhire and assumed ownership in 2003. The business was then streamlined to operate solely from its main office in New York City.

At the beginning of 2016 Chris made the difficult decision to begin winding down Dreamhire due to a week overall business climate and the fact that our core clientele of recording studios had almost completely dried up. Faced with the prospect of either expanding live sound and DJ gear rentals or even moving into the bouncy castle party rental business, Chris decided that he had had enough and wanted to give himself the opportunity to do some other things....such as take an occasional vacation and start working on the global fly fishing bucket list with his brother, Jon, in the UK.

Dreamhire finally ceased major rental operations at the end of March 2017 and closed the Long Island City location as of the end of June 2017.

A fair amount of Dreamhire equipment has been sold to two former employees, Paul Oliveira who is now operating his new company: and Geo Greene who took most of the live sound, DJ gear and Back line from Dreamhire over to Q Studio Rentals. Geo can be contacted on 718-392-4340 or